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  • Ultra-high pigment concentration ensures intense colour and exceptional light resistance. For all amateur or professional watercolourists, mixed media designers and lovers of unbridled creativity.
  • Can be applied dry or wet for wash drawings, hatching, shading, for accurate lines, washes or blurring.
  • Museum Aquarelle is not only a water soluble pencil, it is watercolor in pencil form; When dissolved in water, the lead becomes pure watercolour paint due to its high pigment concentration and transpa
  • Developed in Caran D'Ache's Geneva workshop in close collaboration with master watercolour artists; their extra-fine quality makes them perfect for both watercolour painting and for artistic drawing.
  • Each pencil is made from premium cedar wood for easy and smooth sharpening, and a hexagonal shape to reduce risk of rolling and falling off any tables or surfaces.
  • They have soft, smooth lead centers with a matt finish for a smooth, flowing delivery of color every time it hits the paper.
  • Water-soluble coloured pencils, hexagonal shape for optimal grip.
  • Lead: soft, extra-fine to meet the most demanding requirements of watercolour painting and artistic drawing. Diameter: 3.8 mm. Ultra-high pigment concentration. Exceptional light resistance when applied dry or as watercolour (Standard Blue Wool Scale - between *** and *****)
  • Pencil: hexagonal, 8 ply, matt casing matches the colour of the lead, the colour number indicated Premium FSC certified cedarwood
  • Techniques: Watercolour, wash drawing, shading, unlimited mixed techniques. Dry or wet drawing on all media (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc.). Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Caran Dache Museum Aquarelle Colour Pencil 76 Shades

SKU: AZ2702
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