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  • Extra Fine Aquarelle in a Pencil form. Very High Pigment Concentration. Exceptional LightFastness can be applied dry or Watersoluble.
  • The extra-fine quality of Museum Aquarelle colour pencils makes them perfect for all the requirements of watercolour painting and artistic drawing.
  • 76 colours, available in separate colours. Leads: Soft, Ø 3.8 mm, strong point. Techniques: – watercolour, washes, crosshatching, graded applications, unlimited blending possibilities, mixed media. – dry or wet drawing on all supports (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc…).
  • Pencil: Hexagonal shape, 8 plys, top-quality cedar wood, easy sharpening, matt finish, matt colour cap matches the lead colour, identification number. Certified FSC Forest Stewardship Council. 100% water-soluble immediately. High pigment density. Low powdering

Caran Dache Museum Aquarelle Colour Pencil 12 Shades

SKU: AZ2697
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