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  • Finally a paper made specifically for illustrations, cartoon and manga!

  • Developed with the Angouleme House of authors and tested and approved by French and American professional illustrators, Canson® Illustration paper is ideal for all cartoon-drawing and illustration purposes: pencil, ink, wash, felt pen, fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

  • This smooth-textured paper resists scratching, adhesive tape and rubbing out. Being very white it gives an excellent colour contrast and is ideal for scanning.

  • Weight or thickness: 250 gsm

  • Colours and textures: Smooth texture

  • Recommended techniques

  • Ideal for: pencil, felt-tip pen, marker, pen, ink and gouache.

  • Also suitable for: marker.

  • Pad: 21 x 29.7 cm and 29.7 x 42 cm

Canson Illustration Pad

SKU: AZ0725
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