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  • Origami, the ancient art of paper-folding, is a wonderful form of mindful creativity. With its precise, focused movements, origami-sts will be in the moment and produce papercraft that is breath-taking. 

  • This ultimate kit is unique – as it comes with an amazing specialist origami toolset. With the expert guidance of professional origamist Dr Matthew Gardiner, readers will learn how to best utilise each origami tool and paper, as they learn how to create over 10 models with step-by-step diagrams and instructions, including 4 original designs specifically created for this kit.

    What's Included

  • a big and small ‘bone’-folder
  • a scorer
  • a pair of tweezers
  • a set-square
  • six mini clothes pegs
  • a wooden dowel 
  • a corner tool as well as 20 sheets of large origami paper (including five with foiled patterns)
  • 20 smaller sheets of origami paper
  • a 48-page instructional book

Art Maker Ultimate Origami Kit

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