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  • The ancient and stunning art of Chinese Brush Painting has been around for over 6 000 years – but learning it has never been easier or more desirable than with this beautiful kit. Budding artists can join multi-award-winning Chinese brush-painter William Cai as he guides you through seven step-by-step artworks, including the traditional beginner paintings of the ‘4 Gentleman’ of Chinese Brush Painting: bamboo, plum blossom, orchid, and chrysanthemum. Learn how to make more complex and spectacular masterpieces like a panda family or a sweeping landscape! Beginners and experienced painters alike will be creating tranquil and expressive wall hangings in no time!

    traditional black ink

  • two  specialised brushes
  • large sheets of rice paper 
  • 5 paints
  • a 48-page instructional book

Art Maker Chinese Brush Painting

SKU: AZ2128
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