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  • Learning how to paint with acrylics has never been easier or more enjoyable that with Artmaker: Acrylics Masterclass.
  • This comprehensive kit offers a practical guide and all the artistic tools that you need to start creating dynamic art straight away! 
  • The instructional 48-page book, Acrylics Masterclass, allows you to discover the joys of painting with this versatile medium and to experience how it can be used to great effect in a wide range of painting styles.
  • This handbook includes an extensive introduction to painting materials and equipment; covers essential acrylic-paint concepts, such as tone, scaling, washes, blending, scumbling and more, providing many illustrated examples; as well as expert advice to help build your skills and improve your understanding of this exciting art form.
  • Finally, it offers complete step-by-step guides with colour photographs to striking finished compositions – from the tranquillity of fallen leaves to a bustling café scene. 
  • With a white art-canvas to create and display your own masterpiece, a paint palette, four paintbrushes and ten tubes of acrylic paint, this kit contains everything you need to get painting right away. 
  • Set contains - (10 tubes x 0.9ml) of acrylic tubes, 4 paintbrushes, 1 canvas board, a paint palette & 48 pages instructional book. 

Hinkler Art Maker Acrylic Paints Kit

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