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  • A soft, white synthetic fibre which closely mimics natural hair brushes.
  • Shape, length & diameters of filaments used, vary to create a close resemblance to natural hair.
  • Developed keeping in mind the requirement of modern watercolour artists.
  • Ideal for use with watercolours, acrylics, gouache, thinned oils, hobby colours & in all mixed media applications.
  • Stiffness: 2 on 6.
  • Rounds have excellent points & flats have excellent edges.
  • Very good spring & snap with superior colour retention capacity.
  • The special interlocking process ensures Oyster brushes have long-lasting shape retention.
  • The short, glossy marine blue lacquered wooden handle is double crimped to a seamless aluminium ferrule.
  • Handle Type: Short.
  • Shape: Flat.
  • Size: 8

Art Essentials Oyster Synthetic Flat Brush Size 8

SKU: AZ0900
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