• Copperplate Archie's Calligraphy block contains 50 sheets of paper specially selected for calligraphy with a flexible, pointed tip.

  • The thickness of sheets: 120 GSM.

  • Paper colour: Ivory.

  • Size: A4

  • The sheets are unilaterally printed with a delicate but clear line to the Copperplate style, which is also suitable for calligraphy exercises in the styles of Spencerian, Palmer and modern calligraphy.

  • The proportions of the letter 3: 2: 3 determine the blue horizontal lines, while the angle of inclination 55º determines the pink lines.

  • These are the most classic Copperplate proportions that give letters the right slenderness and lightness.
  • Due to the screening, Archie's Calligraphy block is especially recommended to beginner calligraphers.
  • The paper is characterized by great quality. It is suitable for almost all ink and ink, even very rare. It does not cause the effect of "spitting".

  • Sheets are made of ecological paper, from renewable sources.

  • The paper is certified by the FCS (Forest Stewardship Council), is acid-free and produced without the use of chlorine.

  • Has certified archival quality for storage by min. 200 years.

Arches Calligraphy Block Copperplate - Portrait 646 - A4

SKU: AZ0714



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