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Jacquard Dorland’s Wax Medium | A sealant, varnish, and medium, all in one.

Popular as a protective topcoat for sealing and finishing a variety of media from oil paintings to collage, Dorland’s Wax is especially popular as a varnish for watercolor and gouache paintings. Read on to discover the many facets of this all-round-medium.

The Medium:

Dorland’s Wax is a versatile cold wax medium made from pure wax and damar resin. Dorland’s Wax provides a durable waterproof finish, adding depth to the color and allowing for glassless framing and display. The finish is malleable: leave it rough for a matte effect or buff it with a rag after drying for a uniform high gloss.

The Application Range: Mix Dorland’s Wax with oil paints or powdered pigments like Pearl Ex to create a heavy-bodied, super matte, fast-drying medium for “cold wax painting,” perfect for creating unique textures, impasto effects, and for layering and palette knife techniques. By varying the ratio of medium to colorant, you can easily control the transparency or opacity of the color. Add mineral spirits or solvent to thin the viscosity or adjust the dry time.

Dorland’s Wax also provides a beautiful finish on wooden objects, such as jewelry or furniture, as well as on metal, polymer clay, ceramics, drawings, photographs, and more. Add a small amount of pigment, dye, oil color, or alcohol ink to tint the medium, or apply it straight for a classy, wax-finished look.

It is excellent for strengthening oil paint film against shrinkage and cracking while sealing out dirt, air, and moisture. It is also suitable for encaustic painting, cold wax painting, and mixed media. It can also be used as a protective coating for paintings, wood, plastic, metal projects, or photos.

Dorland's wax improves the luminosity and clarity of colors and should be mixed directly with the color before applying it to the painting. It adds translucency to oil paints, making them more brilliant. It is also popularly used as a final coat on dry paintings, metal sculptures, wood carvings, and antiques. Since it is made with pure beeswax, it is an authentic final treatment for fine wooden furniture and woodwork - both antique and modern.

It can be buffed to a gloss finish and thins with turpentine or mineral spirits.

Composition: Wax Composition: Beeswax, Paraffin, Microcrystalline. Topcoat finish for: Watercolors, gouache, oils, acrylic, wood, polymer clay, pencil drawing, pen, and ink, pour art, canvas, encaustics, ceramics, mixed media, collage, art paper & more

Mixable with: Oil colors, dry pigments, Pearl Ex Pigments, dye powders, charcoal, mineral spirits, turpentine, solvents & more. In Conclusion: Dorland’s Wax is a sealant, varnish, and medium, all in one. It won’t yellow over time and will protect artwork for the ages. Shop Jacquard Dorland's Wax Medium here:


Source Credit: Jacksons Art | Jacquard Products


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