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Daniel Smith Watercolours - How good is “Too” good?

Ask any professional artist what comes to mind with the words Daniel Smith and they will most likely think of watercolor paints. For beginners and enthusiast artists the words Daniel Smith may be associated with expensive paints that they would not dream of spending money on.

Are Daniel Smith watercolors as good as they say and are they worth the money? More importantly for beginners and enthusiast watercolor artists are Daniel Smith watercolors a wise choice? Read on to find out!

Who is Daniel Smith?

This is a manufacturer of artist materials based in Seattle Washington in the United States.

Since 1993 Daniel Smith continues to make premium artist materials including watercolors, oil paints, and a variety of auxiliary materials. Daniel Smith has certainly become well known for its extra-fine watercolors and the celebrity artists that endorse these watercolors.

Colors that (Set)s them Apart:

So let's make one thing explicitly clear; Daniel Smith Watercolours are Artist Quality Paints. Period. For those wanting to truly experience an artist-level watercolor set; these paints are a great place to start. These paints set are perfect for clean bright mixes, perfect workhorse colors to start off with. The original range expanded from just 18 shades to a rather massive 252 colors, including the fascinating Primateks and also the 48 luminescent, pearlescent, and interference colours.

An interesting buy would be their Master-Artists curated tube sets in 5ml. These small tube kits are ideal for beginners and artists, wanting to get a good mix of colors.

Daniel Smith also provides sample Dot Cards if you want to try colors before committing to buying a tube or stick of paint which might be smart, or dumb if it just makes you want more.

The Experience: Just a little amount of paint is enough to generate strong color on the paper.

Stand-out colors such as Pyrrole red, Mayan orange, and Cobalt blue make painting with these colors an absolute pleasure. The Verdict - Are Daniel Smith Watercolors Really Good? So the question remains, are these colors as good as many artists say? Daniel Smith professional artist colors are significantly better than any student quality color you'll find. They are certainly as good as any other professional brand you will find too. It is important to remember that manufacturing quality art paints will always be a work in progress. However, for most of us, Daniel Smith’s paints will be excellent. Shop For Daniel Smith Products: Dot Cards: Daniel Smith Sets:



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